When is my MOT due?

It is very important to owners and operators of the vehicle to be aware of the UK rules and regulation in a Ministry of Transport or the so called MOT testing. 

The MOT is required to ensure the vehicle on the road meet a certain legal level of safety and emission standards. It isn't the same as having your vehicle serviced and doesn't check it's general mechanical condition.

You may asked "  When is MOT is due? There is a different rules regarding newly purchased vehicles and those that are more than three years old.

New Cars - When is my due?

The first test is required once a vehicle is three years old.

To find the exact date you should check your vehicle registration document or also known as V5C. For example if the registration is shown 1st June 2011

then your first MOT is due by 1st of June 2014 at the latest. We would recommend you scheduling your first MOT a short while before this deadline in case any repairs are required.

Taxi and passenger vehicles with more than 8 seats are required to have an MOT at a 1 year old.

Cars over 3 years old - When is my due?

As the vehicles gets older it has a higher tendency to develop safety problems, an MOT must be performed every year for vehicles older than three years. The exact deadline by which your MOT should be renewed is listed on your current VT20 MOT Certificate.

However, owners can choose to have the test performed as early as month before the current expiration. The earliest date you can have an MOT is printed on your current VT20 certificate.

If your MOT has expired you may not legally drive your car on the road and you may be persecuted if caught. The only time a driver can legally operate a vehicle whose MOT certification has expired is when driving to and from inspection station to performed a pre-booked test.

Never Miss Your MOT


FREE MOT Reminder Service

A new serviced offered by the government is a text reminder service. By signing up this service you can receive reminders by text telling when your MOT is due for renewal. The service is chargeable however and if you fail to receive the text you cannot use this as a valid excuse for not having an MOT.