AM Consulting assists his clients to widen inclusive customer and market insights to classify new opportunities for augmentation. I help superior managerial understand what sales and marketing initiatives are working, and which ones are decreasing, by providing them with a unfathomable understanding of their customers, and the approach to erect greater and more profitable affiliation with them Read More

I advise our clients on brand management, including evaluating and strengthening brand performance, validating the profile of each brand's key consumer segments, understanding the key factors driving consumer purchasing behaviours, and identifying growth potential through new channels. Read More

Changing market dynamics, competitive action and cost dynamics -- among other things -- not only alter the economic attractiveness of existing products but also expose untapped opportunities for new product concepts. Read More

AM Consulting has subterranean knowledge across a selection of capabilities that help directors/ managers more effectively run their sales manoeuvre and carry out their channel management arrangements. I help clients to develop channel strategies by assess channel finances, developing customer segmentation and developing market venture to optimize channel programs. I also provide tactical recommendations that range from realigning sales organizations to manipulate a store outline that addresses specific sales and channel strategy requirements.